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In a neo-noir post-WWIII future, an old man hires Tex Murphy, a witty mellow private detective, to find his friend, a former government scientist. The clues lead Tex to a serial killer, NSA and an ominous project called Pandora.
I have to rate this one as the best of the three rather unconvincingly monikered "interactive movies" for the PC. "Under a Killing Moon" looked terribly cheap, and "Overseer" was just plain dull. "Pandora Directive" just about gets it right for me - fun (if hackneyed) plot, interesting characters (though sadly no Inspector Burns this time) and by the looks of it a pretty high budget all go toward making this pretty good fun, but still really nowhere near a true movie in any way, interactive or otherwise! Also bear in mind I played this game about 4 years ago, so by now the graphics etc. are probably absolutely laughable by today's standards!
I think that this is the best computer game ever made. It was very hard to stop playing this game when once started. Really liked this game because of the great story. This is absolutly a game for people who like mystery and adventure. A lot of great puzzles also, so you have to use your brain very much.<br/><br/>You play as a P.I named Tex Murphy in the year 2042(or something like that). You&#39;re hired to find a man named Thomas Malloy… but that is just the beginning…everything becomes more complicated than that…

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